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St John's College Update

Bula vinaka & warm greetings from the Old Capital of Fiji!

Belated Happy Easter to you all and your respective families! Trust all is well with you as we begin this new month.

This year's Holy Week celebrations were superb with the students creatively and colourfully led the liturgies. An additional flavour to our celebrations was the Tapa or Ngatu that was made by none other than the artist herself, Lotiola. Her work is becoming very popular not only in Tonga but in Fiji as well. As you can see from the photos the altar, tabernacle and pulpit really stand out because of the ngatu. Fr.'Unaloto reckons that the ngatus in his Church at St.Agnes are more beautiful but that is only his personal view! I did my bit in making the haka for the Bible procession as our choir sang the 'Folofola mai 'Eiki'!

This is week 11 at school and we are moving closer to the end of the Term 1. Our athletes have picked up momentum in terms of their preparations for the Coke Finals in Suva.

In the column for Reunion 2013 I have shared briefly some thoughts regarding a possible theme for this year's reunion. I'm with the view that we need to think outside the box and do something new, adventurous and challenging.

I for one am already looking forward to the Reunion since the timing fits in well with my holiday at the end of the year. So looking forward to catch up with all of you whom I haven't seen for quite a while now

So until then, do take care and keep up the good works wherever you are.

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