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Update from the Manu's

Greetings... Hope this message finds you all in good health and high spirits. First, let me apologize for our lack of posting. Oku mooni lahi pe log in o lau message pe sio ta kae siisii ha fetuutaki. Those who know me, know me to be very quiet and stay to myself. A characteristic that my wife is still trying to cope with. Ikai ke iai ha fuu news fefe mei hoo mau tuliki. Currently, we are now living with my father in law. He had a stroke in early January that resulted in a mild stroke at the end of January. Nae o fanga tehina a Lovi o fakafoki mai mei Frisco he nae ikai ke pau pe sai pe ikai. When they arrived he had another mild heart attack. Malo pe ene moui. We understand that he is living on a less than 1O% heart. With alot of care and good diet he can recover but it will take sometime. Malo mo ene fakaongoongo kia Lovi he kana'e ikai pe e kei moui e motua ia.

We are currently doing well. We are expecting our second blessing this coming August. August 15th to be exact!!! Which is Lovi's birthday but she is sure that she will deliver in July. Kuo fai mana ae Otua ho ma kii famili, that we are excited to annouce that we are having a BOY!!! The girls here hope that he doesn't turn out to be like his older sister. Maliana is lively and well. She is very outgoing and seems to surprise us everyday. Not yet 2, but she has learned to say a little prayer in Tongan. Say the sign of the cross in Tongan, and is able to maneuver thru a touchpad phone with very little assistance. We get alot of compliments on how bright she is. But at the same time my wife seems determined for her to know her roots and her tongan culture. Trust me when I say you won't believe me until you see her in person. Were hoping to make it to the upcoming reunion in New Zealand but we"ll leave it in God's hands. 'Oatu ha popoaki talamonu kia Fifita mo Sefo he fa'u famili foou. 'Ofa atu kia kimoutolu hono kotoa.

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Hello family it has been a long long time. Im so happy, finally able to get in this family forum and see how everyone is doing. Im very grateful that the Lord has blessed me to be apart of this family

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