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Latest News from Europe

Malo e lelei e si'i ngaahi kupu kotoa e famili Tavo, Manu pea mo Lomu pea fakatauange pe 'oku 'aluimonu ai pe 'a e ngaahi feinga kehekehe 'oku tau toupikoi ai he ngaahi feitu'u kehekehe 'oku tau takitaha fokoutua ai he ngaahi 'aho ni. It's always nice to read about how you guys are doing so thank you to Manoa and all who bother to share your stories with the rest of us. We are doing OK here in Europe. Kara and I are both busy at work (what else!) but keeping well healthwise, with a holiday now and then to look foward to. We're in touch now and then with 'Atu in London. I follow his every game from here live on BBC Radio, though sometimes their game can be watched live on Sky Sports TV. To follow his game live on BBC Radio every weekend, you will need a British IP Address, something that you can buy online (quite cheap). If you're interested, let me know. We are also excited about the upcoming reunion in NZ. Fakamalo lahi atu kia Toni mo Seini hono fokotu'utu'u 'etau reunion. At the moment, I alone might be able to attend but like Manoa said, it's all in the hands of God and Singapore Airlines if they can get me a cheap enough ticket to fly over. I should be able to confirm my coming or not coming before September. 'Atu mentioned that he might try to come over too but will depend on his schedule. Anyway, the big news from here is the wedding of Kara's niece (Annelies) last week - here are some photos. 'Ofa lahi atu to you all:

Here's Kara Tavo with her mom Emilie getting ready for the wedding - now guess who was their chauffeur for the big day?

Kara's niece Annelies and groom Steven just before heading to church. On the right is Annelies' younger sister Carmen

Proud aunty, Kara Tavo, awaiting the arrival of the bridegroom with the bride's flower - a Flemish tradition I'm told.

The bride with her parents Paul and Ingrid. Paul is Kara's eldest brother. This is just before going to church.

The happy couple, Annelies and Steven, just after the Wedding Mass at their local parish church

From left: Emiel (Kara's nephew), Peter (Emiel's father and Kara's brother), Kara Tavo, and me after the Mass

At the reception afterwards, Peter and Kara Tavo. Peter is the younger of Kara's two brothers, an IT engineer

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