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Call for Help: Visit with Relatives in Frisco

Dear famili

Returned last night from a conference trip to San Francisco, where I stayed with Lita Lau'ese and family. While I had to attend my conference all day Sunday to Wednesday, I tried to spend as much time as I could only in the evenings with uncle Petaia as I haven't seen him in a while. Some of you know that Petaia had undergone several surgeries in the past and I was thrilled to say that he did look much healthier and in great spirit, aka his usual self, courtesey of his willingness to live life to the fullest despite of course the sufferings he had for a number of years, but only this time it has reversed as a result of a new donated organ he was blessed to have! He passed on his thanks and love to you all for your well-wishes, prayers and support. Please continue to remember him in your prayers.

Before returning last night, I had the opportunity to visit aunty Suka and family, and later on a visit to 'Amelia (Latu's daughter) at Stanford University Hospital. I know some of you may have heard the news about 'Amelia's condition by now, and I really want you all to know that she really needs our prayers (in particular) and also any support at this time. Although her three kids are now grown ups - her eldest daughter is about 23 years old, married with 4 kids - but I could still see in her teary eyes the love of a mother for her kids and grandkids. 'Amelia is awaiting further medical tests this Friday (tomorrow, May 3), and hopefully it will be a lot clearer then for her and to the rest of us about her condition, which includes possible damages to her vision, kidney, liver, heart, etc.

I know that this is a very difficult time for 'Amelia, her kids, and for her mom Latu (and family in Australia) and aunty Suka and the rest of the family (in East Palo Alto), but we really need all we can do at this time to be as supportive and understanding of 'Amelia's situation and her choices. May she be guided by the Holy Spirit in making the right decisions, and more so in realising that choosing to live and embrace life (and whatever left of her) far outweighs the alternative. So I ask our priests and elders to remember 'Amelia in your prayers, and for the rest of us to open our hearts once again when the call comes for our help. She expressed however her gratitude to all of you who called and for all who remembered her. Here is aunty Suka's phone contact for any update on 'Amelia's situation: (650) 669-4732.

'Ofa atu.

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