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Vake & Maikeli Visiting Matahau

Malo e lelei Famili

The last couple weeks had been a very pleasant, exciting and joyous weeks for everyone at Matahau. Vake and Maikeli visiting Matahau for 3 weeks. Last year we had the kiwis and those from Bundies visiting us around the same time. And this year we were fortunate again to have Vake and Maikeli before they return tomorrow going back to US.

During their visits, Vake/Maikeli had had very little rest from different invitations from friends and families hosting them on dinners and other functions. Last week was the Heilala week here in Tonga and Vake was asked to be one of the judges in the Miss Heilala competition. Maikeli also took part in the Heilala festival by entertaining the tongan crowd in the Heilala village with his good friend Siliva the Elvis Presley impersonator from US.

Overall Vake and Maikeli really enjoyed their time in Matahau and Maliana and everyone shared the same as well. I guess it is refreshing everyone and the experience is very positive for us here in Tonga to have families overseas visiting us now and then. ‘Oku fakafiefia ‘a e sio ki ha ngaahi taimi mahu’inga pehe ni ‘I he famili.

Mahalo koia pe… pea ‘oku mau ‘ofa lahi atu

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