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Talofa & Fa'afetai Tele Lava

(originally posted on 21 July 2013)

It’s been awhile being out of touch with you ALL. Well, what can I say? Who will I blame? It’s a combination of so many things including laziness which is the no. 1 contributing factor for prevention of any action in whatever you do without the presence of will-power.

Well, I do only offer a word of comfort based from the story of the Prodigal son whom spent all his wealth, then scrounged his way back home. Upon his return, the Father embraced him and called his servants for a feast to celebrate, despite the angry older brother whom confronted the Father for not going against him but never offer anything for him to celebrate. The Father comforts him and said, “All I have is yours, but it is right to celebrate because your brother was lost and now found, dead but alive again.”

Bula, Malolelei and Talofa to U all, I know we missed each other but definitely sure we are always in our prayers. I on behalf of Vailili and Family in Samoa do thank you so much for the prayers, the letter of empathy and the warmth of our family being shared during our difficult times, loosing someone dear is heartbroken, two in a row in a matter of days is chaos. However, our family’s spiritual foundation has set our way of living and made us who we are in believing that God is Great, even though we faced the shadow of death, there is always a greater good in his plan. As we ritually praised “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.” I do also thank Lana for updating the Family website of what’s going on in Samoa, once again, Fa’afetai tele lava.

After the funerals, we did have a big BBQ gathering at our place with Aunty Luisa, late Uncle Rudy and Rimo’s kids and grandkids. It is so unbelievable of seeing so many new kids on the block, no wonder why our roots are far more than a tree; the family sure grows so fast. These past months was so rewarding to my experience, even though it was sad, but that’s how life it is and it must go on no matter what. The memory I recalled in relation to this event is my late grandfather’s (Grandmother Latu’s Hubby) saying during one of the Family gatherings in the mid 70’s while he was alive, quoted “There are only 2 good investments in Samoa, your Family and your kids, because returns are sure guaranteed in time of need”

Well, everyone at home (Samoa) are OK plus. Vailili & Luisa are more than happy because of their nun daughters (Sister Lucia & Sister Theresa) are with them at the moment for their family fiduciary duties. That’s a brief up-date and status so far, no major event. Ah, the only recent one is Peka’s Father-in-law (Lana’s young sister) whom passed-away and your prayers are more in need for them. They have 2 amazing kids and for sure will carry on the family spirit.

I think it’s enough for now, I do wish for everyone to have a wonderful weekend and do always pray for each other. Sorry for no photos as I could not fogure out how to post it in hear, but I did upload a few photos in the photo gallery under Family in Samoa with proper discrreption for everyones information and anyone curious about your family in Samoa.

Anyway, may our good Lord be with you always. Have a very nice week-end. Alofa tele atu Tino

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