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Summer News from Our Family

Hi All It was great reading some of the wonderful news shared here from all over. Malo 'aupito to you all. We have been quiet ourselves but far from it as it has been a wonderful summer for me and my family. For a start, it has been thus far one of the best warm summers Metro Vancouver has had in a while. I was teaching one course this summer but that didn't stop me from travelling a bit. Sebastian and I made it to the Lomu Family Reunion in Salt Lake City last June. We also drove to Portland, Oregon, for Teuila Jr daughter's (Loe's grand-daughter) first birthday, where we stayed overnight with Puluno Jr and his family. Also back in July I went on a short trip to Palau (off Guam) - my first time to the Micronesian Islands - to do similar work I did for American Samoa, helping them revise their math curriculum. On that trip I stopped by Aunty Vise and family in Hawaii. I didn't get to see Aunty Lupe and family but did talk to her on the phone while I was there. Just last night, I arrived back from Palau from yet another short trip, and I must say it might not be the last as there might be more work to do for them. Plus, Palau has a lot of treasures for any visitor. So if there is a next time, I will have to take my family there as I found out Palau to be just as beautiful and fascinating as many other small islands in the Pacific. Anyway, Sepa has two weeks left before entering Kindy full time in September. He spent most of his summer swimming, biking, camping and keeping us busy! 'Ofa atu to all of you, and keep the news and updates coming. Stan & family

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