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Last Leg of the Journey for 2013

Bula vinaka & greetings to you all! As I type this there's a sense of relief as this is the final Term for 2013 even though there's still heaps to be done! Last week we had our Senior Prom Night signifying the conclusion of all extra curricular activities for the year. Hence the focus now is our revisions and preparations for the upcoming exams both internal & external. The challenge for us is to emulate the results of last year! I often boast that we have the best Prom Night! It involves the hiring of the bus to pick up the girls from the Hostels even though it's a 10 mins walk from there! The secret pick of partners and their 5 course meals are but some of the unique touches of the event. To top it all the Principal opens the dancing floor with a Waltz! The theme for this year was, "Under the Silvery Moonlight I See You in Blue!!" All this is the initiative and planning of the students. I firmly believe that the Prom Night is the most fitting way to thank our senior students for all their hard-works and contributions to the school. On that note I'd like to acknowledge all the support that comes from different sections of the family. There is a special feeling when we know that some people are praying for and thinking of us. May I take this opportunity also to congratulate the families with new born babies, the latest addition to the descendants of Abraham! Mighty congrats also to families whose kids are doing well in education and in sports. As we gear up for our Reunion, that's the best preparations that we need which lays a solid foundation for the future! Moce mada vakalailai!

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