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On the name 'Ana Finau, Lands, Taiamoni

Malo e lelei. This is probably my last venture into our family background and history for this year, so cheer up! TAVO LAHI'S TIME OF DEATH If you click here, you will have noticed that Tavo Lahi (Grandpa 'Ekuasi's dad) died on 18 March 1962. It is now probable that such a date may well be inaccurate. According to Maliana Lahi, Tavo Lahi died around 1958 when she herself was still at school. But not to worry, we'll be working in the coming year or two on updating our family directory (remember the little booklet "Lest We Forget"?), and hopefully such mistakes will be sorted out then. So stay tuned.

GRANDMA FATAI'S OTHER NAME: 'ANA FINAU If you click here, you will also find that at least according to her birth certificate, Grandma Fatai was known by another name, that is, 'ANA FINAU, which begs the question as to how/why/where did that name come from. I'm pretty sure the origin of that name has to be found in the village of 'Ahau where Grandma was born. But beyond that we know very little, if any. But no need to lose hope. There's one guy who can help us with this - my Uncle Saimone who now lives in NZ. So please, can the reunion committe make sure that Uncle Saimone is invited to the reunion? A FAMILY ON THE MOVE It will come as no suprise if you may not be aware of the fact that when 'Ekuasi and Fatai got married in 1940, they first lived in liku in what is now our 'api 'uta. According to the old man, the traditional name of our 'api 'uta in liku is "Vaolupe". But what Fatai & 'Ekuasi were doing is known in Tongan as "nofo vao" (= bush living). It was during this time of "nofo vao" that Maliana Lahi was born in 1941, in other words, Maliana Lahi was born in Liku. After Maliana was born, they then moved back to Matahau in 1942 to a piece of land opposite to where the village water tank is located (it was later occupied by Meleseini and Taniela Vaisa, but Maka Tavo's daugther Seilose and hubby Sione Ika'e'e are its current occupants). At that place, 'Ekuasi and Fatai lived for seven years during which Sr Clare, Lotiola Lahi, Vise Lahi, and Vake were all born. In 1950, Fatai and 'Ekuasi moved again, this time to where Maliana Lahi now lives or what is now the family's hereditary 'api kolo, and there Laupoini Lahi was born as were the rest of us (Melelatai, Lua, Lupe, Visilia, Tevita, Tita, Tavo, Napa). FAMILY LANDS Although I'm no big fan of 'Ekuasi's dad and my own namesake and grandad (Tavo Lahi) based on the stories I've heard mainly from Grandma Fatai, when it comes to securing lands for his family, Tavo Lahi seems to have done a decent job. His three sons ('Ekuasi, Maka and Filimi) all have 'api 'uta (Grandpa 'Ekuasi even has two!) and 'api kolo, though not without the help of his brother 'Alusa Lomu who gave his 'api kolo and 'api 'uta to Maka, partly because Maka took it upon himself to care for 'Alusa until he died. Tavo Lahi even secured 'api kolo for his own daughter Lupe (that is where Sose is now living) and also helped out with his other daugther Vake who was married to Lopeti Kaumatule. SIUPELI TAIAMONI Cousin Sepasetiano Manu was born on January 20, 1976, the year in which Grandpa 'Ekuasi celebrated his "diamond jubilee" (60 years of age). It was for that reason that cousin Sepa then became known as "Taiamoni" in honor of Grandpa's "Siupeli Taiamoni". Since then, I can still remember how Taiamoni became a top favourite of Grandpa 'Ekuasi to the point that the old man then promised Taiamoni a piece of land. Of course, Taiamoni's illness has meant that this was no longer possible. But it is for that reason that the family 'api kolo is now divided into three pieces belonging to the three "Alekisios" ('Alekisio Filimi Tavo, 'Alekisio Laupoini Tavo, and 'Alekisio Laupoini Manu), with Poini jr taking up Grandpa 'Ekuasi's long-held promise to his favourite Taiamoni. The 'api 'uta or Liku is now divided into two 'api 'utas (taki teau 'e taha) with the piece next to the road belonging to Poini Lahi and the other one belonging to Vaelua.

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