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Baptism of Lutoviko Hiko'itaulanga Manu

Greetings to one and all from a cold Moreno Valley! Yesterday I fulfilled one of the main reasons why I came here to the US which was the Baptism of my nephew Hiko Jr. It was a wonderful ceremony and even though the choir was small in number they almost lifted the roof of the church! You can imagine how proud was the father of the boy to be baptized because there were a couple of songs with solo parts and Manoa proudly hit the ceiling and even penetrate it with clear mellifluous tenor voice!! You can see from the photos which are already in the gallery that it was indeed a colorful and grace-filled day.

I've been faithful since I arrived to what Mum told me that I have to babysit the two, Maliana & Hiko jrs. Kuo fu'u mamafa a Maliana si'i ki he fua pea ko ia ai ko Hiko pe 'oku ma fua holo ka 'oku fu'u lahi 'ene kai pea 'oku 'alu pe ke toe mamafa pea ko e tama hui fefeka. The other reason why I came is to visit 'Analena & Filimi in Texas and as I type this the weather bulletin is not very promising from Texas. In these past few days there has been cancellation of all flights in and out of Texas due to heavy snowfall. I'll keep my fingers cross for now that there'll be a flight sometime this week as long as I can go there for a day or two. In the meantime I'm just enjoying the babysitting of Maliana & Hiko jrs. That's all for now so take care.

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