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News from Fatai & 'Ekuasi Reunion 2013

Hello Families,

This is Isa'ake Si'i, son of Etu and Akata. We are on our last day of the Fatai and Ekuasi Family Reunion 2013 at Huia, Auckland, NZ. It was hard to access the Internet from the Campsite, so I am writing from home.

From the Last 4 days, the Families who attended this Reunion shared some Stories, laughs, tears and joy. It was great to see Vailili, the " Fahu" of the Family and her own Family attend this Reunion from Samoa, the Families from Tonga and Australia, Frs. Ekuasi and Unaloto from Fiji, Fr. Palenapa from Chile, and of course, for the first time of my life to finally see Uncle Tavo from Belgium.

It has been a pleasure to see a greater number this time for our Reunion here in NZ than our last Reunion at Bucca Retreat in Bundy, Australia.

I will post some Photos and Some Videos of some of the Highlights of the Reunion.

Thanks to those who could attend, for those who led the Groups, those who were MCs for the day, the women who cooked our meals, and especially to Uncle Toni and My Dad, Etu and the whole Committee of Aotearoa, NZ who organised the Reunion this Year.

Tonight is the Final Social, the last event in our Reunion, before we go our separate ways.

I hope that an even bigger number of People, especially from the USA will come to our next Reunion, the Location unknown, but probably in 2016.

Lets follow in the footsteps of Fatai and Ekuasi and look towards a brighter tomorrow, for our Future Generation.

Ofa Lahi atu and head Towards Tomorrow.

Isa'ake Si'i.

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