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King of the Island: Felix Bernhardt David

Those of you with a penchant for history might find this little booklet of 48 pages interesting. Published in 2011 with an intriguing title "King of the Island" and Samoan Levi Tavita as author, it is about a certain Felix Bernhardt David who happens to be the father-in-law of Latu Tavo, the eldest sister of 'Ekuasi, Maka and Filimi. In the page below from the book, the son of Felix by the name of Karl Charles eventually became grandpa 'Ekuasi's brother-in-law (Latu Tavo's husband).


Felix Bernhardt David was a German immigrant who arrived in Samoa in the mid-1880's. Samoa's fate had aligned more with Germany's own ambitions, as the tussle among three world powers intensified over its ownership. Felix's story is a rare addition to a list of bio sketches which attempted to gauge the mindset of these early settlers who were caught in the crossfire, who decided to cross the racial line and never looked back. Of particular interest was their fortitude and adaptability in their new environment. By doing so, they found their place among a new race of people and culture. If you want to buy it, it costs NZD $38 or click here to order it online at publisher's (Wheelers).

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