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  • Tia Kaufusi

Congratulations Peter & Angie Pofaiva

Hello Famili, I hope this message finds you all in good health and all doing good. Just some news regarding our cousin Peter Pofaiva's wedding in Whangarei, NZ. Peter is the Grandson of Mele (Grandma Fatai's sister). We are happy that we were able to represent his father Sau and Tongan side of the family. Last weekend we travelled to Whangarei, NZ (2 hrs from Auckland) to be present in the special Union of Peter & Angela Pofaiva. We got to meet up with family that we have not seen for over 10+ years and reminisce about the old days. The Pofaiva family in Whangarei still remember Grandma Fatai, Sr Clare, Maliana, Isaake, Seini n Toni and all the families that came and visited whangarei. They have some photo's of there visits to Whangarei and also when they went to Tonga as well as The Jets. They send their love to all the family. We added our Tongan Tradition to the wedding with the presenting of the Leis (which we were so lucky to pick up from the Auckland airport, Where Aunty Seini Rea met with us, these Leis were very beautiful and smelt so beautiful!). Thank you Aunty Seini, for making these beautiful Leis, the couple were very appreciative and we were happy to be able to add this to their special day. Also mum said a speech to represent Peter's father, Sau, and family. Also mentioning that all the family that could not be here - their thoughts, prayers were with us. You cannot have a wedding without the performance of the Tongan Traditional dance - Tauolunga. We were lucky to be able to get a teunga tauolunga at last minute from cousins Akata/ Etu. The family were so happy that we were able to add this Tongan culture to the wedding as some have only seen a Tauolunga once before or when they were very young. They were very proud, happy and appreciative that this was shared at the wedding. 'Ofa lahi atu family Lotiola Jnr and Kaufusi/Tupaea and Courtice family

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