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Mou fefe hake? Some news from Europe

Famili, mou fefe hake? We've been quite busy here in the last few months but otherwise keeping well. The few photos below should give you some idea of life here. More importantly, hope you're all doing well. 'Ofa atu from Kara and me. My huolafalafa (Tongan hoe) has been put to good use, all thanks to Poini jr and Lotelika who sharpened it. The 'esia (handle) only cost 3 dollars and now the hedges are clean. People here kept asking me what exactly is that thing?

This is a shot outside Kara's clinic at around 8:30AM on a typical workday morning - the cars are all for her, so she's kept busy by patients all day long but is also keen to get news about you guys even if she has not met most of you - at least not yet. Do pray for her.

This is my other major preoccupation right now, the building of our new home. Thankfully, I don't have much to do with it except showing up to say hello to the builders or with soup for them when it's cold. Sometimes I wish Napa and his constructors (Tu'ifua, Leki and Kolo Pousini) are somewhere near but maybe it's better that the palangi's do it. lol. I hear little Peter Courtice jr is heading this way in September - hope it will be ready then but will be tight - fingers crossed.

This last shot is from 12 March 2014 when I "officially" turned 50 - at least according to my passport. We got together with the family and a few friends to mark the big day - nothing special, just a nice meal out. The presents were mostly 'champagne bottles' - mahalo kuo pehe 'ehe kainga ko ha tama inu! Talking about turning 50 reminds me that our very own Patele 'Ekuasi will also be hitting half-a-century on the last day of this month - and how can we forget? 'Ofa atu 'Ekuasi.

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