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Fr. Philip King-Turner, RIP

Greetings Family, The older generation among you will remember Fr Phil King-Turner (Patele Filipe) who was the parish priest based in Houma when our Matahau church was being built in 1969. He subsequently was based in Ha'apai for a period & built a mission boat. Phil passed away last week aged 76 years in Greymouth Hospital after a short illness. Phil had most recently been the parish priest in a little town called Reefton on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand - Reefton could be described as New Zealand's equivalent to Matahau. Seini, Lita Foliaki & Tisiola Kakala had visited him last year and stayed with him in the presbytery for a couple of days - he was full of stories from his time in Tonga. Toka a 'i he fiemalie Patele,

Uncle Toni

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