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Fiji Update

Greetings one and all!

This is a critical period in our beloved country as we edge closer to the General Election. Different political parties are campaigning frantically in various places both at home and abroad. Just this last weekend I was on the ferry returning from Suva with my rugby boys and coincidently I met the Hon.Prime Minister who was equally excited to see me! Over a cup of tea we talked about his Party and expressed his wish that I joined him with his fight to take the nation forward.

Listening to the PM I could tell he has a lot of passion about his work and dream to make Fiji a better place for everyone. I joined him the following day in town for the Launching of the newest innovation in Levuka 'The Taki Mai' project. This will be an equivalent to Fiji Water except that this one is pure Fiji kava processed with different flavor such as coconut, guava, banana chocolate etc. Believe me this will hit the world market like a tsunami because it will be better than all the pharmeceutical prescriptions for stress relief. If you don't believe me ask Manoa in California because the Director of the company sent him a complementary 1 carton of Taki Mai!

I'm still awaiting my Citizenship application and if it comes on time I may stand the election and join the PM's Fiji First Party!!

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