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Sports Commitment

Bula and greetings everyone!

Term 2 is always packed with different sporting activities and one of my humble yet noble tasks is to make sure that I'm present in all events. Of course it can be tiring but I find comfort knowing that my students feel empowered when they see me there.

Indeed a milestone for the school this year to have 3 of our students representing the country in the Youth Olympics in China: one in rugby, one in Hockey, and the third in weightlifting. We're excited with our 7's team winning the bronze medal.

Another highlight this Term is the PGA Fiji Tour that was held here last weekend. Personally it was an awesome feeling to see this dream a reality as I was part of the group that gave birth to this project. My photo with the winner and the Minister for Youth & Sports was a defining moment!

I brought with me a dancing group from the school and they were honored to perform where the golf tournament took place. Yes, they were equally excited as I was!

I look forward to Term 3 after these wonderful experiences!

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