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Senior Prom in Cawaci

Bula and greetings from St.John's College!

Last Saturday we had our Senior Prom Nite which also marked the conclusion of all our extra curricular activities for the year. As you know this annual event is a fitting occasion to thank our outgoing students for all their efforts and contributions to the school.

As you can see there is so much pride in our students the way they dress-up which only mirrors the beauty within. It's one of those moments that a Principal can cherish as we mould and shape the life of our students to be beautiful inside and outside. The theme of this year was "under silvery black I see you in gold!"

The remaining weeks of this term are dedicated to preparing the students for the upcoming exams. Hence I ask you all to include my students in your family prayers.

May I join the family in congratulating Manoa & Lovi for the newest member of their family Langi Jr Manu! I don't mind if I'm asked to baptize the new baby!!

'Ofa atu & hufaki

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