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Maggy, Jimmy & Peter jr Visit Belgium

Malo e lelei famili. We had the pleasure last week of hosting the Courtice family here in Belgium. They are now on holiday here in Europe before heading back down under in a week from now. Unfortunately for Jimmy, they arrived just in time for the laying of the grass on our backyard. Apparently, Jimmy is some expert on laying turf - so just the right man to show up.

Our backyard is about 600 square meters (too big!) and this is what it looked like just before we laid out the grass-mats.

The very first row of grass-mat is laid out. My hedges to the left is clean - all thanks to the Tongan hoe I got from Poini.

Here's Jimmy in action! Apparently, he's just done up his grass turf at home in Bundaberg just before coming here.

After 4 hours of work, here's the end-result. But Peter jr seems more interested in the sprinkler. I still miss the little man.

Chow time. I got a few of my cycling friends over to help out with the laying of the grass mats. We had Flemish fries.

Three days later after having had plenty of water, this is how the turf looks like. Malo Jimmy, Maggy & Peter e tokoni.

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