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Felise & Rebekah's Wedding

Hello everyone! It was this time last week that we celebrated the wedding of Felise & Rebekah in Bundaberg. I had to be there as he is the only namesake I have in the family. It was great catching up with the family members who made it there and to see how Tita and Kuti are doing quite well by all accounts. The weather was fantastic all week and Bundaberg seems a pretty little town if you're looking for a place to move to. Thank you once again to the Kaufusi's for taking good care of all who visited including me. Let me just pick out a few shots from this most wonderful occasion. You'll find more photos here: Here's a shot of the happy couple with me and Vake. I had the misfortune of being the MC for the day, hence the lei on me.

The bridegroom's family at the wedding mass with Peter jr in front. The other side is Rebekah's family, also from Bundaberg

Uncle Tevita making sure that all the signatures are in during signing of the official papers at the wedding mass

Good to see these guys looking very relaxed after the wedding mass and in front of the alter specially decorated by Lotiola

Our families with the Tongan Catholic choir from Brisbane who sang at the wedding and the day after (Sunday)

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