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Malo e lelei famili and trust this finds you all in good health. shape and size. Thank you Hiko jr for the juicy news from home. Glad to know that all is well at home. Indeed, Lotiola deserves to have a break and to enjoy herself in Bundy. Hopefully aunty Tita did not give her too much work. By the looks of all those photos at the wedding of Felix it seems that everyone enjoyed it.

I have my visa already to the States and am now working on my visa to France. Tavo, could you help me in this regard. Do I have to apply for a French visa or a SCHENGEN visa? I want to visit other European countries after my 6 months renewal course in France and yes I do plan to come and huo your ngoue....ka koe ki'i me'a tau e, lol.

Lastly, I saw the news this morning of the Bulldogs signing up Kaufusi for two years. Is that Felix or Paddy? Bundy folks please tell me.

'Ofa atu mei Solomone,

Hiko sm.

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