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Homebound Updates

Bula vinaka and greetings from 'Ofa Faitonunga! This is a wonderful break for me, which is a quiet one as the focus in the family is on Texas!

It's such a great joy to arrive home at this time where the atmosphere is that of laying low. The academic year has just been closed and thus the responsibilities of daily movements to school are now temporarily shelved. Maliana and Lotiola are both well, so do the rest of the families respectively.

Hiko Jr picked me up from the airport which was a chance to meet his beloved wife and two gorgeous daughters! Last Saturday was the official closure of the ECL for the year. This coincided with the 7th Anniversary of Fr. Pauli's ordination. It was a great opportunity to be part of these celebrations, and especially for Pauli.

It's wonderful to be part of the routine at home such as the making of the 'umu on Sunday, and of course I have to do my bit as in scraping the coconut etc. I have yet to go to our plantation as I have to catch up first with my golfing mates!!

I feel for Fr. Lopeti as he played hosts to those in the family who flew to Suva for interviews at the US Embassy! I only hope that we in the family do not abuse this privilege as Fr. Lopeti has a huge parish to look after.

That will be all for now so stay tune for more updates.......

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