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Still in London

Hallo famili pea ofa oku mou moui lelei pe. Just want to let you all know that I am still in London staying with Marist priests at Leicester Place. I flew in from LA on the 5th of January to Heathrow Airport in London and to continue to Rome on the same day. There I discovered that my passport was missing. I reported to immigration and they detained me for several hours. I only have with me my boarding pass to Rome, itiinerary and a letter from our Superior General about who I am and their responsibility to look after me in Rome. Luckily I have the Marist Index-address of all Marists in the world. I told them that I belong to an international organisation. They rang a Marist community at Leicester Place in London and they said yes they know me. They rang the Tonga High Com here and young man, Siale Vete who works there also recognised me. Ekuasi taught him in Fiji. So I was released to stay for 3 days with the Marists in London and to work with the THC for a new passport. The next day I went by myself to look for the THC. You could imagine the joys and relief in me when I saw the Tongan flag. I got on the same day a certificate of identity valid for a year. The next day I went to the French Embassy for visa. They were ready to give a visa but only on a real passport not a certificate of identity. The next day the Marists here decided to send me to Ireland while awaiting a real passport since Tongans don't need visa to enter Ireland. Again Ireland need only a real passport. I ran out of options. The next day I rang the immigration and they said that I have to leave the country. I started packing up. The phone rang. It was the immigration. They gave me 3 weeks to stay and work on a new passport. If I don't get one by the 30th of this month then I have to go back. I went to the Tonga High Com yesterday. He has sent everything to Tomga - my application forms, passport photos and everything. He has talked to them about my situation. I have contacted Fr. Aisake to pick up my passport and send by courier back to me hopefully before end of the month or else I will head back to Tonga which is not bad either. Whatever happen I accept. In the meantime I'm enjoying London. Do not worry. I am very well. Ofa atu kiate kimoutolu, Patele

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