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Greetings from Snowy La Neyliere

Malo e lelei famili pea 'oku ou fakatauange pe 'oku mou ma'u pe ha mo'ui lelei pea fakafeta'i koe 'ofa 'ae 'Otua 'o kei fakakoloa ai kitautolu. Just as I thought that everything was ready for me to come to France without anymore interview or interrogation from immigration officials, two policemen took me off the plane on a side door and whisked me away in a car to another place for interrogation. Apparently there was no stamp on my passport from British immigration. Taking into account the recent terrorist events in the country they wanted to know why do I have to stay in France for 6 months? I said to them in perfect French, 'Je sui pere Marist' and they longosi kiai lol. Finally they let me go and now I am finally settling in at La Neyliere, the place of our renewal.

We are based here but we will go on a pilgrimage to various historical places which are of importance to the beginning of the Society of Mary. Tomorrow we wil go to Le Puy, where the idea of a Society of Mary started. It's like coming back to our roots. They say that our forefathers tasted God here. Well so far I have been tasting a lot of red wines and cheese, and yes even goat cheese! Ne mei lavea ai pe e fefine kuki ia he tala fiefia mai koe goat cheese. 'Ikai ke ne 'ilo 'oku feululufi e nofo e haha.

Koe feitu'uni 'oku ma'olunga pea 'oku lolotonga snow. I have taken some pics on my iphone but don't know how to upload not even get them into our website. I am very happy to be here and I am going to make the most of it. I am well and enjoy the renewal program. I have time to read, rest, walk and to pray also. Indeed I do remember you all in my lotu vaivai.

'Ofa lahi atu,

Hiko sm

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