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Happy & Blessed Easter 2015

Bula vinaka everyone! May I take this opportunity to wish you one and all a Happy & Blessed Easter! One of the precious gifts of being a Priest in the family is that we are united in the offering of the Eucharist. It's the most unique and profound experience as I see all your faces when I lift the Host and Chalice in the time of consecration.

The photos are reflections of unique moments with the students when we receive our new new tractor, and also our Cadet training, This is where the meaning of the Eucharist finds expression in serving people.

My fervent prayer is that the grace of the Resurrection remains with us all as we journey through this year.

One of my joys over the weekend was our reunion with Caroline and Alisi, daughters of aunty Mele Vailanu from Kolovai. As you all know their home in Lami was our refuge whenever anyone from Tonga comes to Fiji. My namesake Ekuasi Sr was a regular there. Caroline's grandaughter Mele'ana (in the photo) is doing Form 7 here.

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