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Malo e Lelei

At the well - the only thing that still remains of St Peter Chanel's home

Malo ho'omou lelei famili pea 'oku ou fakatauange 'oku mou ma'u kotoa pe ha mo'ui lelei. I noticed that there is hardly any news of late on our website so I'm trying to fill in with a bit of news from France. The renewal is going on well and I am making the most of it. Recently we went on a pilgrimage to the place of St. Peter Chanel and two other places of importance for us. It was a very moving experience. After next week I'll be going to Lourdes for two days then return for our final retreat. Yes we are moving closer to the end and I am looking forward to go back to the Solomons.

In front of the cathedral where St Peter Chanel was ordained

It was great to hear that Nesi, Lotiola and Moana had a surprised visit to Fiji and be there with Ekuasi on his birthday. Hope you enjoy Fiji. Am glad to hear that Felise is enjoying his footy and played well according to Etu from NZ and his uncle from Belgium - taki taha peti pe foki e. lol.

Overlooking the town of Cerdon

It's not much news but just to keep you all up-to-date with life here. Fakamonu'ia atu ho'omou ngaue takitaha pea 'ofa ke faitapuekina aipe kimoutolu 'e he 'Otua.

After mass at Cerdon where our founder began working for the approval of our Society from 1816-1825

'Ofa atu moe lotu vaivai 'oku fai atu.

At the College of Belley where our founder was appointed rector in 1829. St Peter Chanel was a spiritual director there between 1832-1844. His statue at the back. Today it is a private Catholic school.

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