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Mou fefe hake? Mau sai pe 'i 'Iulope ni

From this corner of the globe, we try to keep in touch with the 'going-ons' in your parts of the world - thanks to those of you who post news here. Hope you are all doing well and are keeping fit, happy and healthy. Kara and I are busy with work, she with her patients and me with my clients. But we are both doing well and keeping healthy although I need to somehow shed a kilo or two in the coming months which shouldn't be an issue now that the weather is warming up. We're also looking forward to hosting Hiko Lahi here in about a month from now for a few days. He will then be on his way back to Oceania from his renewal in France. Just 3 photos to give you an idea of our simple life here. Take care and 'ofa atu to you all. Tired of searching in bakeries here for that delicious 'Banana Cake' that Lotiola Lahi used to bake in Matahau (when her oven was working), I decided to get the recipe from Poini jr for Kara to try it. The result below was not bad - ko e ifo atu. Even Lotiola would be impressed I think. If only I could email you guys a piece...haha.

The warm weather means of course that we now get to do what we love to do in this country - fietsen or biking. Here's a shot of three of my biking comrades (from left: Roger, Diane and Antoon). We get out on the bike once a week and we do around 70 km each time, but of course the most important thing is stopping once or twice on the way for a pint or two (even three) before heading home. In this country, biking and having a beer is like butter to bread..

As well as correcting theses, I also hoe the hedges and cut the grass in our backyard - all thanks to the huo lafalafa I got from Poini jr. But now that Hiko Lahi is heading this way, I'm thinking of just letting them grow until he gets here - what say?

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