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Update from the Double Funerals in Tonga

Bula everyone! It was indeed a double blessing for me as I buried Toakase Fanguna on the morning of Friday before attending the funeral of Faleola. Faleola's one was a big contrast to that of Toa considering the amount of people attended. Nonetheless, both were beautiful and homely.

I was really amazed by the massive attendance and all the rituals accorded to Faleola befitting a person who gave herself totally to the school. Apparently, the school prepared well under the guidance of Fr.Aisake. Some people remarked that that only funerals of priests would go to that extent but I suppose that's how they value the sacrifice and service of Faleola.

Another joy to us at home that we were able to host Roy Pome'e and his brother Falakiko at home. As you all know this is a family that always welcome us at their home since the time of Sr.Clare.

I'm back in Fiji feeling glad that I was able to represent us at the funeral. Isa'ake represents the rest of the family from overseas and it's always a pleasure catching up with him.

Most probably this is my last trip to Tonga at least for this year as the demands of work at school are huge not to mention the financial burdens on our community. 'Ofa atu & hufaki.

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