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Napa's Plan for December 2015

Malo e lelei famili. I am writing to ask for your input. So, please leave a comment below. Napa is planning to take a holiday in Matahau in December of this year. And he would like to use it as an opportunity to do up the house in Matahau (Maliana's house) in preparation for our family reunion that is scheduled to be held there in July of next year. Here's what he told me about his plan for December in Tonga: "Oku teu 'eku holiday ki Tonga 'i Tisema....ka koe fanga ki'i ngaue 'oku 'ou fk'amu keu lava 'o fkhoko 'i 'api he'eku holiday....sai pe foki he ko koe pe e tika taha he fetu'utaki moe kolekole...mahalo koe ngaue eni 'o teu ki he family reunion ki he 2016...'iai pe 'eku palani ki he fanga ki'i ngaue ke fkhoko ka 'oku makatu'unga pe foki he ki'i seniti 'e ma'u. I don't know the price of the materials in Tonga now.....but I am looking forward to renovate the faletonga for more rooms and bathrooms and toilets...that's the main one.......apart from that, I need to fix things in the bathrooms and toilets that are already there....the last part is roofing that part from Maliana's room up to the water tank and cement the floor too...for the washing and hanging of the clothes especially when it rains......that's my plan and may be you can figure out some kind of estimate for that....or anyone have another idea for this work, it will be very helpful." So, our man is ready to do the work but there is one small problem - he needs money! I suggested something like $2000 Pa'anga and he seems happy with that kind of amount. So, the question for your input is: if you agree, how do we collect this and how much? Or do you have a better idea? Thanking you in advance for any input, even if it is only to show your support from the sideline. 'Ofa atu and take care, Tavo

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