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Patrick Kaufusi to Debut in NRL

Hello people. Last time around I jumped the gun and had to eat a humble pie! But this time, it's for real. Our man Patrick Kaufusi will make his debut in the NRL on Saturday (June 27) for the North Queensland Cowboys against the Sharks, coming in from the bench as an interchange forward - in the same role as his two older brothers Felise and 'Atu for their respective teams (Storms and Bulldogs). You may read more about it here. The Cowboys are on a roll right now, having won their last 11 games in a row and are sitting pretty in second position behind the Broncos in the NRL ladder. The Sharks are in 9th position but those statistics means nothing when it comes to predicting NRL games. The game starts at 8:30PM on Saturday Tongan Time. Also perhaps of great interest to us as family is the match-up between the Storms and the Bulldogs on Monday next week (June 29), meaning that Felise might well be running up against 'Atu at some stage during that game. Wouldn't that be something? That game starts at 10PM on Monday Tongan Time. All in all, there's something to look foward to this weekend with the three brothers all featuring in the NRL. So congratulations once again to Patrick for making his debut and for all three of them for doing us all proud. And if I happen to make a mistake (again!), then you should remember there's a beloved saying in our family: "Tuku a kou kovi". ha ha! [Here below is my posting from before] First of all, Happy Mother's Day to all mothers in the family come Sunday. Hope you are all doing well and thank you to Hiko Lahi, 'Ekuasi and Napa for all the news. I've just noticed on that Patrick Kaufusi will make his debut this Saturday for the North Queensland Cowboys against the Canterbury Bulldogs which also listed Antonio Kaufusi among its forward lineup for Saturday. Both will come in from the bench as interchange during Saturday's game. But bro against bro is not a regular occurence in the NRL and the two brothers will definitely be writing a bit of history as the first from our family to play against each other in the NRL. Perhaps also significant is that we now have all three brothers ('Atu, Felise, and Petuliki) playing in the NRL. I have never seen Patrick play, but according to the Cowboys' coach (Paul Green), he likes the fact that Patrick is very aggresive both with and without the ball. We'll see what big brother 'Atu has to say about that on Saturday. haha.

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