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New Milestones for Cawaci

Bula vinaka everyone! This past week has been a truly historical one for St.John's College. This was the first time that the school participated in Cadet Training and on Saturday our cadets had their Passing-Out Parade. The event was covered by the media and on the front page of the Fiji Sun a striking footage of our students and Chief Guest was on it.

It is one of the fulfilling sentiments for a principal to witness to the change amongst our students. This is certainly one of those moments that I'll cherish for a long time.

An additional joy was the present of Fr.Hiko during the ceremony. He was the main celebrant at our Feast Day Mass on Friday and was also present at the Passing-Out Parade.

Another milestone was the selection of 10 of our rugby girls for the Training Squad of the National Under 18 7s team. They are currently training to be part of the Youth Commonwealth in Samoa later in the year. I had to coach our girls as all our male teachers are occupied with our boys' 4 rugby teams.

These achievements of our students marked a new chapter in the colorful and rich history of the school. Certainly this will go a long way as our students pursue their dreams in life.

Mode mada vakalailai.

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