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  • Sr Clare Tavo

Fatai & 'Ekuasi Reunion 2016

To Each One and All, The Dearest Ones Within Fatai & 'Ekuasi Family

First of all, thank you Laupoini Jr. for initiating this sharing of digging out good ideas about: " FATAI & 'EKUASI FAMILY REUNION 2016. GREAT:

Thank you Toni, " D", Tavo; Napa; 'Ekuasi and Sitani for all the ideas you have shared for our common good especially for the Team here in Tonga in preparing for the next Reunion. It seems


  • Next Reunion 2016 in Tonga, June/July (recall our last meeting in Aotearoa)

  • Financing is done by all of you overseas

  • "THEME" for our Reunion

  • Aware of the "fares" etc

  • 2019 Golden Jubilee of the Church in Matahau

  • Maliana and Lotiola seem to give up hours - far away travelling (mo'oni a'upito) But somehow Sr.Clare - Is she still alive? he!he! malie!

How much we love that you can all come to Tonga 2016 June/July. Malo Tavo you are deadly right, foki ki Tonga ki hotau ki'i 'Api Matahau. But in our meeting in January this year. We were aware of the fares from USA, Australia, and N.Z to Tonga because of 2019 - celebrating the Golden Jubilee - it is a must for all of us to be here in Tonga, thats why we thought to have 2016 in USA and 2019 in Tonga. Still, plenty time to discuss as we're doing now. Thank you "D" for your support of asking us to have the 2016 Reunion in Salt Lake with the addition of Felise Tavo Lomu Reunion, a chance to meet others and not only that, you're running that Re-union. Again if you think you can "sacrifice" a lots so that our Reunion 2016 and 2019 to be in Tonga. Wow! That is great! Maliana and Lotiola will be thrilled. Please, continue drawing ideas for our THEME 2016 REUNION. Thank you Napaa, 'Ekuasi and Sitani for those ideas about our THEME. Very touching - really reveal our journey in life, yes, they are burdens and benefits Crosses and Crowns- A most Blessed Family. Keep up thinking of a Theme and let us know. I'm still working on a Theme as Toni does. So, let's hope for the Best. We are very grateful for the "ON AIR CONCERT" keep it up to meet our needs for our Reunion. Soon the budget will be out, once we settle the place for our Reunion.

'Ei kau tama:

You are " On Air Concert" for money , We are " Down Ground Concert" for yams

Longosi ki ai e!!! Malie Neniti

'Ofa atu & Hufaki

Sr Clare

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