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Rounding Up the Academic Year 2015

Bula vinaka everyone!

It's that time of the year that even though still hectic, there's a sense of fulfillment creeping in! Our focus now is predominantly on our preparations for the upcoming exams both internal and external.

Yet at the same time we pause temporarily to acknowledge the achievements of our students. Last week St.John's College flag was hoisted high in Samoa at the Youth Commonwealth. We had the biggest number of athletes from any one school to represent Fiji. We had 3 in Weight Lifting and 6 in the Girls 7s Rugby Team. Further to that our golden girl in the weight lifting was honoured to be the Flag Bearer for Fiji and one of our girls was selected to be the captain of the 7s Team. Two of our weight lifters won gold and silver medals respectively, and our Girls 7s Team won bronze. They also beat Tonga in the process!

The icing on the cake is that 3 of our girls are now drafted to the national 7s Team Fijiana. They will be part of the IRB series and also on the road to the Rio Olympics. Since I was the coach of our rugby Team I was approached by FRU to coach the Fiji Women's Team but I decline. My work in Cawaci is more important!

Last week we had our annual Senior Prom Night, it's the final and fitting gesture to thank our senior students for all their conributions to Cawaci. Like last year, another colorful occasion with the theme 'Silver and Red'! Two of the photos is with Mele'ana, Mele Vailanu's great granddaughter and the other with Bernadette Ganilau's daughter together with the Dux of Takuilau College last year.

At our schools' assembly this week we re-presented the medals to our athletes who went to Samoa. I firmly believe that these recent achievements are timely boost for our preparations for the exams.

Last but not the least, please do remember our students in your prayers.

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