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  • Luisa Uesi Tuli


Hello family it has been a long long time. Im so happy, finally able to get in this family forum and see how everyone is doing. Im very grateful that the Lord has blessed me to be apart of this family. Ive gotten to know so many of you at Grandma Fatai passing. Which i think it was a blessing for me to meet everyone over seas. Im looking forward to the reunion in 2016. Ive told my mom for our family here to TRY to make it but regardless SHE must go. I miss Uncle tavo taking me to eat "submarine sandwich", Uncle Napa tuli me to go back to Nuku Nuku, hehe and doing a little "iate" with Sister Clare and paame ihe Lalo Kalosipani and of course Aunty Maliana always saving me from getting hit by someone. I miss everyone it has been too long and new memories are needed not only for myself but for my kids as well. I have been blessed with 3. Tilila (9), Oreana (4), and Felela/Rocky (6mo) . Married to Lapaha, Maikolo Tuli and with the Lords will it has been 10 yrs strong. The update with me and my family is that we are steady growing, tokoni matua here for the Lataki at St.Patrick church. Looking forward to my daughter Tilila Tali Eiki next year in May and then the family reunion in July. I think about you family everyday and keep you all in my prayers. Until we meet again you can catch me on here.

'Ofa Lahi Atu, Luisa

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