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Uncle Toni's Retirement

Malo famili

Those of us on Facebook have now learned through her daughters' posts that our beloved Uncle Toni has finally decided to hang those work boots once and for all.

From Sela: Happy Retirement Dad (Anthony Rea)!! Last day of work done and dusted for you.

We are super proud of all you have achieved in your career, all the lives you have touched and just the man that you are. Hearing all your colleagues speeches at your farewell confirmed just how lucky we are to have you as our Dad (or Papa as your grandchildren love to call you). Now its your time to sit back and just purely enjoy life, you more than deserve it. Love you Dad xxxx While we know how much everyone around Uncle Toni would miss him dearly, but I say he really deserves to take a break, a long one that is, to enjoy his family, us, and everything else he would like to do. I look forward to seeing him in Tonga next year, and perhaps, we can then celebrate his retirement as a family. 'Ofa atu Uncle Toni, and thanks for all the hard work and effort over those many years esp. for the Pacific people, your family, and all of us. May you enjoy the rest of life as you wish and as long as you can, and that you be blessed always!

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