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Wedding of the Year!

(originally posted on 11 February 2016)

Bula vinaka everyone!

Last weekend at the Fijians Resort, the biggest 5 Star hotel in Fiji, we had the wedding of my boy Ratu Penaia Ganilau to Odette Inez Taumoepeau, a grand-niece of the Queen Mother of Tonga.

Ratu Tui as he was commonly known was sent by the late Tui Nayau, Ratu Mara to stay with me at Tutu in Taveuni. It was a momumental occasion that brings half the royal family and nobles from the kingdom!

It was also my first time to officiate at a combine service in a wedding as it was led by the President of the Methodist Church in Fiji. Rev Setaita whom I met at Sela's wedding in Auckland a few years back was also officiating.

It was also a brief yet unique break for me after the first 3 hectic weeks of school. In fact I was really spoiled because the Cawaci parents and ex-students who work there treated me well. When I entered my room there was a chocolate cake and a bowl of fruits there with a note, 'Welcome Father, from the Cawaci parents & ex-students'!

I managed to meet the Queen Mother and she vaguely remembered me as her spokesperson some years ago at the funeral of Ratu Mara! Frankly, I've never seen the Royal Family so alive and enjoy the informal dancing with the Fijians! I know at home they would be so reverent and maintain protocol. But here at this occasion it was a chance to be free and be themselves!

Long live the Queen Mother!

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