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Not all dooms!

Bula everyone!

Tropical Cyclone Winston has come and gone with extensive destruction left behind. About 50 deaths have been reported but the number will certainly increase. This was our first taste of category 5 cyclone and believe me we thought it was the end of the world!!

I'm grateful indeed that all my students and staff were safe despite the damage to the school's property. Our house was badly damaged and we had to sleep on the veranda! We're still better off than lots of people throughout the country who have lost virtually everything.

While my students were crying when they see the torn roofs and other damages I was smiling to myself because some of the projects I intended to do this year has been speedily done by Mr.Winston!! I'm in Suva now trying to mobilize all the assistance we need to get back my students ASAP.

Thank you all for your prayers and support during the ordeal with Mr.Winston.

Long live Cawaci!

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