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Senior Prom Night 2016

Bula vinaka families and friends,

Warm greetings from the old capital! I'm conscious that our family website is in a dying stage! Nonetheless, when that eventuates we have no one to blame but ourselves! Of course the family page on facebook proves more entertaining and spontaneous!

Prompted by a genuine desire to see this family commodity continues I encourage all of us to rekindle the enthusiasm that was seen in these past years. In fact our website and facebook can compliment each other and thus operate hand in hand.

These patches of photos are from our senior prom last weekend. As you can see we still maintain the unique characters of the event. Our students posed like young professional adults! I've always emphasized to my students that those beauties displayed in their dress code merely mirror the beauties within!

This year's prom is special to me as it's reputed to be my last. At the same time I firmly believe that the students will emulate this in the years to come.

I'm conscious that secondary students are edging closer to the exams so I wish you all the best wherever you're. May the good Lord enlightens your minds in order to respond well to your study.

'Ofa atu mo e hufaki

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